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Pixie Lily designer Leda Jackson and Lydia Wherry of Ancesserie have created a collection of letterpress notes, gift enclosures and party invitations. Each piece is hand crafted using a vintage Chandler & Price letterpress. Custom orders for birth announcements, stationery and calling cards can be arranged by contacting Ancesserie at 678.835.7689 or emailing info@ancesserie.com.

p blue carriage notes small 2

Carriage Note Cards - 24.00

fall 2014 pink bird small

Nesting Note Cards - 24.00

p bunny enclosure small blue

Bunny Gift Enclosure - 16.00

p blue bunny notes small 2

Bunny Note Cards - 24.00

p blue carriage enclosures small

Carriage Gift Enclosure - 16.00