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Baby and Toddler

At Pixie Lily, dressing children is all about a return to whimsy with a wee bit of nostalgia thrown into the mix. Our lines are simple, a return to the days when little ones were not dressed as tiny adults but as the delightful little creatures they are. Enjoy them, celebrate them and let them be little Pixies as long as possible. xoxo The Pixies 

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Apron Dress - 58.00

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Embroidered Lily Dress - 72.00

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Floral Smocked Dress - 58.00

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Red Apron Dress - 68.00

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Short Apron Suit - 62.00

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Smocked Apron Suit - 74.00

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Smocked Baby Dress - 64.00

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Smocked Bubble - 66.00

New - worth 3

Gift Card

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Eyelet Daygown - 54.00

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Rosebud Daygown - 54.00

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Batiste Pintuck Day Gown - 66.00